LSMS Covid-19 Survey - Household Characteristics

Derived from World Bank's Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS). It includes survey responses on basic household characteristics such as housing, sanitation, and asset ownership.


World Bank

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This table shows a snippet from the dataset.

StatePercent Of Households In Rural AreaPercent Of Households That Own DwellingPercent Of Households With Modern RoofPercent Of Households With Modern FloorPercent Of Households With Modern Exterior WallsPercent Of Households With Access To Improved ToiletPercent Of Households With Access To Improved Drinking Water SourcePercent Of Households With Connection To ElectricityPercent Of Households That Own A TelevisionPercent Of Households That Own A RadioPercent Of Households That Own A RefrigeratorPercent Of Households That Own A BicyclePercent Of Households That Own A MotorcyclePercent Of Households That Own A Car Or Other VehiclePercent Of Households That Own A Mobile PhonePercent Of Households That Own A ComputerPercent Of Households With Access To InternetPercent Of Households That Own A GeneratorPercent Of Households That Own LandAverage Number Of Rooms In HouseholdAverage Land Size Owned By Household (Ha)Average Land Size Cultivated By Household (Ha)Average Household Size (Round 0)Average Household Size (Round 1)Average Household Size (Round 2)Average Household Size (Round 3)Average Household Size (Round 4)Average Household Size (Round 5)Average Household Size (Round 6)Average Household Size (Round 7)Average Household Size (Round 8)No. Of Households Surveyed
Akwa Ibom90.3258.0695.3976.0475.1270.9710.1464.5254.3847.9319.8227.6535.487.8384.795.9950.2341.9477.884.360.20.164.945.