Household Utilization of Financial Services

Provides the percent of households that utilize different financial services, including formal banking, informal savings groups, and mobile money for each state and region in Nigeria.


Stears Data, The Human Account

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This table shows a snippet from the dataset.

CountryRegionStateQuestionPercent Of Households That Answered: YesPercent Of Households That Answered: NoSample Size
NigeriaAll RegionsAll StatesDo you participate in an informal savings group or investment group (like [insert local example]), or does another person outside the family keep money safe for you, handle your investments or provide you with loans?36.563.51200
NigeriaAll RegionsAll StatesDo you have a mobile money account?7.6792.331200
NigeriaAll RegionsAll StatesDo you have an account at a bank or another type of formal financial institution? (Not mobile money)48.6751.331200
NigeriaNorth CentralAll StatesDo you have a mobile money account?14.2985.71140