Household Demographic Composition by State

For each state, provides the breakdown of survey respondents' demographics by age group, gender, marital status, education, and household size.


Stears Data, The Human Account

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This table shows a snippet from the dataset.

StateAge: Sample SizeAge: Percent 18-24 YearsAge: Percent 25-34 YearsAge: Percent 35-44 YearsAge: Percent 45-54 YearsAge: Percent 55-64 YearsAge: Percent Over 65 YearsGender: Sample SizeGender: Percent FemaleGender: Percent MaleMarital Status: Sample SizeMarital Status: Percent SingleMarital Status: Percent Married living with partnerMarital Status: Percent Divorced, separated, or widowedHighest Education: Sample SizeHighest Education: Percent Informal schoolingHighest Education: Percent PrimaryHighest Education: Percent SecondaryHighest Education: Percent TertiaryMedian Household SizeMedian Number of Household Members over 18
Abia State402532.52012.57.52.5404060403562.52.54057.57017.532
Adamawa State20565201000204060206525102055751532
Akwa Ibom State2035402500020406020554052051085052
Anambra State2030352005102045552060301020015701553